Writing a degree symbol in Word is very simple

degree symbol in Word

With the help of the word, you can set not only the square and cubic degree, but also any others, including letter ones. For example, when mathematical problems require the degree of a number to be variable. This method is not associated with the keyboard, more with the mouse, but writing a degree in Word is very simple. There is a special tool in the top menu: superscript.

Select the number or letters that need to be made a degree, and click on the button in the top menu, indicated in the figure. You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + =. As a result, you can get any degree you need. Nearby is the “subscript” tool, with which you can write a lowercase number, for example, for logarithms.

The third method is an alternative for Word, which works in all versions, including old ones

You need to select the text, which should become a degree, and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, click on the “Font” tab.

In the menu that appears, you can set any parameters for the selected text, including making it a power. To do this, check the “Superscript” box.  That’s all, now you know how to write a degree on the keyboard and can apply this skill in life.

degree symbol in Word

How to put a degree in Word?

Ignorance of the basic fundamentals of working with computers causes bewilderment among the generation of our grandparents. Or some work people do not have to write on paper, but in programs such as Microsoft Word or the like. A Good question arises: “How to put a degree in the Word?” This skill will also help students in technical specialties. After all, it is often necessary to insert degrees and various formulas there.


First you need to actually download the program itself, preferably on new versions of 2016 or 2013. But if you already have it installed, then we will analyze three main ways how to write a number in a power in Word.

The first way through the main panel

This is the easiest and most convenient way to set a degrees celsius symbol in a Word document. To do this, on the “” tab, find the “Superscript”. Right-click on it to make the function work. You can also execute the command using the hot key combination CTRL + SHIFT and holding down the “+” on the keyboard

But before that you should write some text or put numbers, and only after that click on the “Superscript”. This is very convenient if you do not need to write voluminous formulas. What to do in this case, consider below.

The second way Using Formula Insertion

Ideal for those who are writing a term paper or thesis, and you need to insert a lot of different formulas. Also suitable for office workers or for designers of technical sites. And so, now we learn how to write a degree at the “Word” at the top using the formula.

To do this, go to the “Insert” field and in the upper right corner we find the word “Formula”. Its size can be changed in accordance with the version of “Word”, right-click on it.

After clicking, a menu with formulas pops up. We select the “Index” and a tab opens where you are asked to select the desired register. We find the inscription “Upper and lower indices”, click on the very first one on the left, when the mouse cursor is presented, the inscription “Superscript” is displayed. After clicking, where there was “Place for the formula”, two small squares appear, one larger than the other. In the largest you enter the desired number, and the top – the degree.

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