Window 10 updating error recovery 0x80240FFF

Window 10

When some users wanted to updating their equipment to find the latest version and keep their equipment updated, they found that they could not do it because of the Window 10 error 0x80240FFF, at this point these users seek a solution for this problem which prevents them from keeping their equipment safe. There are several possibilities with which to solve this error, we will choose the one that suits the user or according to their needs.

Window 10

Answer of error 0x80240FFF in Windows Update

Defer updates – What Microsoft recommends is to postpone updates until the update process stabilizes. To do this we must follow the following steps: We go to “Updates”, for this we can do them from the Settings menu, entering Update and Security > Advanced Options, and there choosing when the updates will be installed. Here we will have to decide which days we want to postpone the updates, until everything is normalized everything related to this update and the problems that are having, as an example you can choose 3 days and if after that time it is not solved, postpone it again a few more days.

Fix Windows Update errors with this tool

For this solution, it is advisable to restart the computer, to be able to do the following steps and have a greater chance of success. Once the restart is done, we will have to enter the startup configuration through Start> Run> MSConfig. Once inside, we go to the Services tab. We activate the option Hide all Microsoft services and deactivate those services that are not essential for the proper functioning of the Operating System. We also uninstall any antivirus that we have, so that Windows Defender is activated, the Microsoft antivirus. This will avoid compatibility problems with third-party antivirus. Once this is done we will download the Windows 10 update troubleshooter. Once downloaded, we will run it and select the Windows Update option and follow the solver, restart the computer and update.

Use the Windows troubleshooter

Another option which we can consider trying to fix this error is that of the Windows troubleshooter, which is a tool that not many users use, since they find it useless or unnecessary in many cases, as it has been from other systems operational as can be the most used, Windows 7, which included this option, but it was not valued by users, although in this case, it can be a solution and that gives the error in question and solve it satisfactorily without major problem. To do this, and find this tool, we will go to Home> search bar. We look for the tool «Recommended troubleshooting available».

Once inside we look for Windows Update, click and run the troubleshooter. We follow the wizard and see if the error has been solved correctly. When the wizard finishes, Windows Update should already work normally again and the error 0x80240FFF should have disappeared.

Reinstall Windows 10: the latest solution

Another option we have is to download Windows 10 and reinstall it again, that is, format the computer and start over. It is an option that many users cannot afford for different reasons, such as losing information or data. If you want to do it, we just have to download the Windows 10 installation wizard and follow the steps.

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