What is the Superfetch service work?

What is the Superfetch

The superfetch service allows you to speed up the execution of programs installed in the system with which you constantly work. This service marks the programs you use most often. Due to this, there is a significant acceleration in the launch and operation of programs. Indeed, thanks to the work of this service, all the necessary files are already pre-loaded!

Super Fetch is a strictly intelligent service. It remembers startup files that you often work with, and remembers when and which file was launched. For example, if you worked every day for a week with a graphical editor, and on the weekend you decided to play video games, then the files of the games that you launched will not be downloaded. Thus, the superfetch service allows you to achieve some acceleration in the operation of your computer, due to RAM. Of course, if you load all the programs at once, then the performance will greatly decrease.

If your computer is low-power and does not have large RAM, for example, only 1 GB, then this service can use flash-memory (USB-drive). It may be much slower than physical memory, but much faster than a hard drive. In order for superfetch disk usage to speed up the system due to flash-memory, you will need a flash drive connected to the computer (sometimes 4 GB is enough), then select “Speed ​​up the system” in the autorun window.

What is the Superfetch

Super Fetch Location

All service settings are located in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> SessionManager -> MemoryManagement -> PrefetchParameters

There are three types of necessary parameters: REG_DWORD

EnableBootTrace – enables tracing (you need to enable it only if the service is not working as it should). Tracing – To understand a specific program and to verify its correct spelling, the method of step-by-step execution of programs is used with tracking of all values ​​of variables.

EnablePrefetcher – Proactive Sampling (Proactive Sampling is a feature for increasing the speed of loading and starting Windows applications.)

EnableSuperFetch – Specifies whether to enable or disable the SuperFetch service.

Four values ​​are used for the last two parameters:

3 – the function is available in all cases (both during operation and during boot)

2 – The function is available during operation, but disabled at boot

1 – the function is enabled, but only for downloading

0 – the function is off;

You can disable the service using the command line with administrator rights using the command

sc config SysMain start = disabled

After restart your computer.

In simple terms, this service pre-writes all the application data necessary for work from the hard disk to the RAM or flash memory. The service uses all the free memory currently available to create a working environment that allows you to run applications and frequently used programs much faster. If you want your Windows 7 system to work much faster, then think about this service and keep it constantly on.

What is adaptive superfetch?

I am trying to implement anti-aliasing in a raytracer with super-fetch. What is adaptive super sampling? I imagine this as a sample for sampling all the pixels that are on the edge of each object. Is this the correct explanation?

Also, is MSAA adaptive supersampling? As I understand it, MSAA is, in fact, a smoothing process that does not display every pixel more than necessary / is adaptive. SuperFetch is a cache memory management technology developed by Microsoft. It was first installed on Windows Vista (code name “Longhorn”). Super Fetch is designed to load frequently used files and applications into memory in advance based on the user’s personal computer usage patterns. Specifically, by constantly monitoring the user’s application usage frequency, the frequency of a specific application program stored in RAM is measured, and a program with a high frequency is always called into memory.

Conventionally, the read data is temporarily stored in the cache memory, but the mechanism is such that the data with the oldest read time is removed from the memory. SuperFetch So the entire usage history as well use state at that time, their application in the mobile becomes possible to further speed up and changeover.

ReadyBoost is a high-speed technology for Windows Vista, which is similar to SuperFetch. ReadyBoost is an external storage device as a flash memory, etc. The cache memory can be speeded read by using as.

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