The Corsair Gaming K100 RGB Optical Keyboard Review

Corsair is an organization that initially constructed its standing on memory-related items, however has since a long time ago spread out and laid out a critical presence in a few other market portions throughout the course of recent many years, making them a behemoth of PC parts and peripherals. widely acclaimed. . Today, Corsair produces many PC-related items, from RAM modules to CPU coolers and from headsets to seats.

Corsair Gaming

One of its best item sections beyond its memory roots has been progressed gaming consoles. The organization was one of the earliest and most excited designers of current, buyer centered mechanical consoles. Its selective arrangements with Cherry, the most legitimate maker of mechanical key switches, permitted Corsair to outflank the opposition somewhat.

For the beyond couple of years, advancement around the PC console market has been fairly stale. There were many mechanical consoles available, yet other than superficial upgrades, we’ve seen next to no improvement as of late. Most producers remained consistent with laid out arrangements, creating consoles with similar gadgets and mechanical switches as the majority of their rivals, and afterward putting together their consoles’ seriousness with respect to feel, programming, and worth/cost. So the mechanical console market is ready for a purge, or if nothing else a more critical development than we’ve found as of late.

For the present survey, we investigate Corsair’s most recent gaming console, the K100 RGB. As the name recommends, it is the replacement to the eminent K95 RGB, truly outstanding and most costly gaming consoles Corsair has at any point delivered. What’s more, for this replacement, Corsair isn’t simply putting on a new layer of paint and setting the console free once more. All things considered, the K100 RGB includes new opto-mechanical switches and totally new hardware, making it a remarkable console in the present business console market.

We get the K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard in a thick, strong cardboard box. The craftsmanship is dim with yellow accents and tastefully centered around a picture of the actual console, following similar subject as the remainder of Corsair’s line of peripherals.

Inside the case, we track down an essential manual and guarantee booklets, two arrangements of finished keycaps, and a plastic keycap extractor. Ten extra keys are dim and have formed, finished top surfaces that should help material criticism while gaming. The principal set is for FPS players and the subsequent set is for MOBA players. The two sets are correspondingly shaped and finished. Accordingly, there are two keys, W and D, in the two sets however they have various frameworks.

Corsair supplies a regular wrist rest with the K100 RGB, and the organization adopted an altogether different strategy than some other console they’ve delivered to date. The palm rest is presently cushioned, with an exceptionally delicate finished engineered texture cover, and is attractively joined to the console. This attractive coupling makes embedding and eliminating the wrist rest a consistent cycle in a small part of a second, however it isn’t sufficient for the wrist rest to remain set up in the event that the console is lifted or moved generally. Its delicate cushioned hood is significantly more agreeable than most wrist rests we’ve tried to date but on the other hand it’s more helpless to long-lasting harm, similar as the scars our example got during transportation.

Corsair’s most recent K100 RGB is like the K95 RGB Platinum the organization delivered two or a long time back, essentially with regards to its size and number of full scale keys. It’s not remotely indistinguishable from the more established K95 RGB Platinum, however it depends on a similar tasteful plan, with an anodized cleaned aluminum body and the keys connected straightforwardly to it, making a drifting key impact. This plan makes it exceptionally simple to clean, as a straightforward tap would eliminate most trash from the aluminum surface of the console.

The greater part of the console remains outwardly something similar. The illuminated Corsair logo is still on top of the frame, in an exceptionally splendid stripe. The fashioner likewise put the marker LEDs on that strip, which are totally concealed while the console isn’t turned on. In any event, when the pointer lights are on, their lights are unpretentious to such an extent that they won’t ever grab anybody’s eye on the off chance that they’re not searching for them.

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