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Assassins Creed II PC GAMES : This is the first from the sets of three of the Ezio Collection. This beginnings with the famous character Ezio Auditor da Firenze who was brought into the world in Italy and later joins the heroes to battle the knights for opportunity. The game depicts how being from an all-out dolt, he got perhaps the most remarkable professional killers on the planet. This part returns us to the 1400s in Italy and during the Italian Renaissance. The character is anecdotal as is the story however the game is a show-stopper and playing it in 2020 returns us to the hour of the genuine Assassins doctrine and the middle age period of gaming.


Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

This is the second release to the Ezio Collection which gets us to a significant change the game, The Multiplayer Mode. This was the first game in quite a while Creed inheritance to highlight a multiplayer mode and had 8 modes for players worldwide to participate in. Albeit the players will not discover individuals dynamic in the multiplayer mode, the story mode is as yet great. This game additionally presents to us a few changes identified with battles and battles for certain new firearms and capacities for the major part in-game.


Assassins Creed: Revelations

This is the last version in the set of three of the Ezio Collection. This highlights a mature age Ezio Auditor da Firenze with the most impressive weapons and an overhaul over the ordinary hand edges. Rest there are some multiplayer changes yet the storyline includes each of the three characters which are engaged with various things in the game. The most well-known likenesses in this set of three are the prominence of Ezio among the women. Being old he actually has the appeal to pull in the women of his town. Unfortunately, this is the finish of the arrangement and Ubisoft began to make the following games with an alternate storyline.


Far Cry (2004)

This was the main release of the Far Cry Series which was dispatched for PC back in 2004. The game turned out to be so famous it sold huge number of duplicates in no time and has sold over 2.4 million duplicates in a lifetime. It highlights various modes, strategies weapons that clients can use to interface with the climate. Albeit the story may feel somewhat obsolete until further notice, the interactivity is still useful for low-end PC clients. The achievement of this game brought about the dispatch of different continuations which brought immense prevalence of the Far Cry Series on the lookout.


Far Cry 2

The second version in the Far Cry continuations dispatched 4 years after the initial segment, acquired some enormous accomplishment inside a time of the dispatch. The game sold in excess of 3 million duplicates by January 2009. It follows the normal storyline of hired fighter chasing a street pharmacist. The interactivity is a FPS that gives the players a consistently profound encounter of the game. The story happens in Central Africa during the Civil War which permits the clients to participate in an alternate situation with deserts, wildernesses, and savannas.


Far Cry 3

The third and must require overhaul over the past release in the Far Cry arrangement. Ubisoft worked effectively here overhauling the designs of the game to make it sensible. This game highlights a privateer’s storyline when a gathering of companions is caught by certain privateers who think they own the land. The primary character, later on, turns into a first class professional killer whose goal is to murder the head of the pirates. The significant update in this game was seen after the dispatch of the DLC Far Cry: Blood Dragon which was an independent game itself and can be played on 4GB RAM PCs.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA has been a piece of our life since the 1990s from the dispatch of Grand Theft Auto in 1970. This is quite possibly the most well-known games dispatched in 2004 is additionally considered as the smash hit round ever. Inside 24 hours of dispatch, the game had sold in excess of 500,000 duplicates making it the quick selling round ever. The story includes the crowds and group battles in Miami. The fundamental character named Tommy Vercetti in mission of accomplishing the most elevated position in the association of the posse with the help of his accomplice in the wake of escaping jail following 15 years.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 

Another replacement to its prequel GTA: Vice City, this game actually remains as the top rated PS2 round ever. Highlighted story in Los Angeles during the 1980s and 1990s, the group wars and embarrassments. This game is a colossal redesign over the past one supporting numerous new highlights that were missed in the prior variant of the GTA games. This game was mainstream for a long time until the dispatch of GTA: V yet individuals with spending PCs actually prefer to play the more seasoned games which can run with no slack.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve has given the clients some great games to appreciate and probably the best game is CSGO. The game is well known due to the multiplayer form. The players can interface with one another on a worldwide level for cutthroat matchmaking. This game has seen the ascending of numerous major parts in the E-Sports and the time of web based gaming took a colossal knock after this game was launched. While it might have had some good and bad times, it actually remains as the most famous internet round ever with a huge number of players occupied with the game each day.

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