GTA Online gets the Western Reever, returning game modes

Today is a day full of news for the Grand Theft Auto saga, which already has its next installment in “active development” as confirmed by Rockstar Games itself. The company has also announced that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on next-generation consoles on March 15 with graphic and performance improvements for both the campaign mode and GTA Online, which will also receive a standalone version for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. . . Today this mode has been updated with the usual news, bonuses, rewards, discounts and weekly advantages. click below for gta 6 download

GTA Online

What’s new this week in GTA Online is very motorcycle-related, as the new vehicle is the speedy Western Reeve, available now from Legendary Motorsport. Additionally, the grand prize on the Wheel of Fortune podium at The Diamond Casino & Resort is a Pegassi Infernus Classic. To complete the biker aesthetic, just for logging in this week we’ll get a free Born x Raised t-shirt in white.


New vehicles and bonuses of the week

Moving on to vehicles, players who win a Pursuit Race for three days in a row will receive a Pfister Comet S2 as a prize. In addition, during this week the following cars can be tested on the test circuit: Emperor Vectre, Pfister Astron and Dewbauchee Vagner.


As for bonuses , players will be able to earn Double GTA$ & RP on Security Contracts, Rare Exports, Transform Races, and Sumo Adversary Mode, which is one of the returning modes this week alongside Death Do Us Part , The Vespucci Job and Trap Door. You’ll also be able to earn double money on customer jobs in the garage and double reputation from the LS Car Meet by participating in chase series.


Weekly Discounts and Prime Gaming Perks


As usual, there are new discounts on GTA Online items this week. You can see them all below:

Discounts on properties: 30% in workshops, in their renovations, modifications and improvements

Weapon Discounts: 25% off the Coil Compact EMP Launcher, available at the Celebrity Solution Agency Armory


Vehicle Discounts: 30% on Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom, Übermacht Cypher, Emperor Vectre, Pfister Astron, and Western Besra, 25% on Coil Cyclone and Dewbauchee Vagner, plus 20% on Vapid Peyote Custom


And finally, a reminder that GTA Online players who are a Prime Gaming subscriber and link their account to the Rockstar Games Social Club account will receive GTA$100,000 just for playing anytime this week.


GTA V receives a spectacular mod for Batman


Fantastic Theft Auto V was sent off interestingly just about quite a while back, in September 2013, turning into a moment mass peculiarity that is as yet adding a huge number of players all over the planet and harvesting extraordinary deals in Spain and the remainder of the planet.


On PC specifically, it is where GTA V is presently encountering its best second because of the most pretending servers of GTA Online and furthermore to the modder local area and various manifestations change Rockstar’s sandbox at a realistic and playable level.


Without going any further today we have found crafted by the modder JulioNIB who has distributed another video in which he shows us a mod that changes GTA V into Batman: Arkham Asylum adding a basic Batman suit, yet additionally adding new movements that change totally the battle framework to look like Rocksteady’s Batman game, yet in addition adding a wide range of Gotham vigilante contraptions, for example, the catching snare or the batmobile. You can see the awesome work of JJulioNIB in the video and download the mod in the event that you support him on Patreon :


One more of the GTA V news that has become exposed for this present week is that there is as of now a date for its send off on PS5 and XSX/S , the ongoing age comforts that will accept their own rendition with specialized and playable enhancements to adjust the experience. to this age. What’s more, Rockstar likewise affirmed on Friday that it is now chipping away at GTA VI, the following portion in the adventure, in spite of the fact that, right now, it is obscure when it will be delivered available to be purchased.


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