Google Lens: how to use Google’s super-useful 

Google Lens is what you get when you feed the goliath piles of information from other Google administrations into a camera application.

Point your telephone at an item and Google Lens will figure out what it is, and the amount it costs on the web. Show it a milestone and Lens will recognize it utilizing the immense Google Images library and bind it to helpful data like opening times.

In the event that there’s text, Google Lens will utilize optical person acknowledgment to distinguish it, and let you use it as a pursuit term without composing it in yourself.

It’s been around beginning around 2017, yet rather than get unobtrusively sidelined like so many other Google projects, Google Lens has gradually developed progressively amazing abilities – large numbers of which aren’t excessively notable or perceived.

So we’ve gathered together a portion of our number one Google Lens stunts here to show you how it can save you time and trouble, or quickly look for things that you run over in reality. On the whole, this is the way to track down it on Android and iPhone.

Google Lens

How to Get Google Lens on Android

In the event that you have a new Android telephone, a Lens mode might well currently be incorporated into the camera application.

Search for the Google Lens symbol (underneath), which is several circles surrounded by three sides of a square.

Nothing there? Simply download the Google Lens application (opens in new tab) from the Play Store.

Utilizing the Google Lens application is similar as utilizing a camera application. There’s a screen button toward one side, set apart with search symbol, since you don’t really wind up taking photographs with Lens.

All things being equal, the telephone successfully freeze-approaches the view, giving Google Lens a scene to break down so you don’t need to keep the camera pointed at the perfect place while Lens does its thing.



The Google Lens experience is somewhat unique for iPhone clients. As opposed to having an independent application or being coordinated into the camera, Lens is rather incorporated into the authority Google application (opens in new tab) – which you can download for nothing from the App Store.

From here, basically an instance of tapping Google Lens symbol in the hunt bar (to one side of the mouthpiece), which you can see circumnavigated in red beneath.

This will open up the camera viewfinder, which gives you admittance to interpret, shopping, message search and food search choices – basically, nearly anything you point it at, Lens will actually want to look for.

There is one more method for utilizing Google Lens on iPhone – if you an open a photograph in the Google Photos application, you’ll see the Lens symbol on the base column of symbols (second from the right). This allows you to look for data on the items or subjects in your Photos library – for instance, an especially delectable jug of wine you logged for future reference.


Using Google Lens: the basics

Whenever you hit the pursuit button in Google Lens (on Android or iPhone), you’ll see blue dabs in the picture featuring focal points, and any perceived message will be covered by clear block of white.

Tap on these and Google Lens will raise the important outcomes. The application likewise allows you to pick a class to pare down the sort of results you’ll see.

These change between stages, yet on Android you’ll see choices like Dining, Places, Shopping, Homework, Search, Text and Translate. It’s something similar on iPhone, just without the Homework choice, which is an exceptionally great easy route to tackling maths questions.

The following are 11 of the top things you can really do with Google Lens at the present time.



Google Lens approves of standardized identifications. All things considered, it’s really only a method for encoding a number that distinguishes an item.

It’s a ridiculously simple method for looking into stuff online without snapping a photo of its front, or its name. That works in some cases, yet there’s a consistency to the standardized tag approach we similar to.

To check a standardized identification, simply point the Google Lens camera at a scanner tag (on iPhone, it’s ideal to pick the ‘Shopping’ tab at the base), sit tight for it to stamp the code with a blue dab and, if necessary, hit the screen. It’ll then, at that point, raise the item name and connection you to a few internet based stores to get it from. Convenient.

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