Forza Horizon 5 pc game review

Forza Horizon 5 : I remember when I first heard that a video game included a Mexican character; It was around 1993 when Super Street Fighter II was released I also remember my disappointment when I first saw it and realized that there was very little Mexican about it  was a first step to represent Mexico, a company that has progressed over the years, first with well-intentioned but catastrophic attempts, and others that are much more original and successful That way, when you’re tasked with finding a rusty old car in the first mission of Forza Horizon 5 , and your first hurdle is a giant orange sign reading “WORK UNDER CONSTRUCTION,” you know immediately and without a doubt that you’re in trouble. your land.

Forza Horizon 5

That simple gesture from Forza Horizon 5welcomes you to Mexico, with an effective message that firmly demonstrates that the location visited this year was understood and that everything will be done to represent it perfectly, beyond choosing the essential locations and that the horizon gives the impression of that you are in that place. Without this essential element, monuments, roads and picturesque towns could be relegated to a dangerous irrelevance. For example, you know you are in Mexico when the little lots are surrounded by walls of gray concrete blocks; because the houses have iron railings with decorations; when you see that on the roofs of the houses there is a Rotoplas; or when a lonely public telephone is in the middle of a public square for no apparent reason. It is not only about filling the horizon with cacti and nopales, or by hanging colored confetti on the streets and saying that you are in Mexico. It’s about paying real attention, because the devil is in the details. Yes, this is Mexico. All this tells me that a lot of attention was paid to the smallest thing. I feel back to that moment in 1993, but now the feeling is one of joy and pleasure, because justice was done to Mexico.

Forza Horizon 5 , developed by Playground Games in conjunction with Turn 10 Studios, starts off on a very high note. What follows is capturing the player’s attention with a proven game system, and that, on this occasion, reaches an almost perfect degree. If you are a regular in the series, you know that Forza HorizonIt is far from being a 100% simulator and it is also not a 100% arcade game. It’s somewhere in the middle, approachable, with relaxed driving rules, yet it’s also not shy when you push the simulation to increase the difficulty and rewards. At the same time, you know that the formula is in the open world full of activities and that the context is the Horizon Festival. The difference is that long gone are the days where you were a rising star; Now you arrive in Mexico as a driving legend who does not need any proof to demonstrate his capabilities.

The Horizon Festival in Mexico is pure fun packed with challenges in multiple disciplines, whose progress consists of completing activities to decide what the next step is for the festival, inaugurating circuit, street, off-road and dirt racing competitions. There are also expeditions, which are the ways to get to know the different disciplines and are missions with simple objectives to meet, as well as other races with some colorful element, such as a competition against jet skis. At the end of each discipline, a challenge of biblical proportions awaits you, such as the Goliath race, the Titan, the Colossus, etc. The normal one in any case, is that during your first hours you are bombarded by advertisements and invitations to unlock more activities and races. Also, there is time to organize a small series of challenges that are introduced as short campaigns. For example, the first to welcome you is a nostalgic journey that leads you to understand the mysticism behind the VW Beetle, known as vocho.

There comes a point in the adventure where the massive amount of events totally overwhelms you. Your screen will be filled with icons that say NEW all over the place. Everywhere you go you’ll find something to do, from ordinary racing events, the classic experience ads you need to take down, to stunts, jumps, speed traps and drift challenges. No amount or variety was spared. There is a flavor of activity for every player. And, as if that were not enough, the challenges created by the community are added through the Events Laboratory that has the capacity to even create new racing genres thanks to a set of basic rules, and multiplayer activities that appear frequently on the map such as part of the Horizon Arcade, which invites participants to several simple challenges such as breaking piñatas, knock down junk and much more. Of course, there is no shortage of other relevant challenges such as the Eliminator (battle royale) and Super 7. Overall,Forza Horizon 5 is an installment that invites you and keeps you behind the wheel, always competing, meeting and overcoming challenges for hours on end. Here, boredom is forbidden. It is a delivery that you will enjoy for a long time.


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