Borderlands 3 pc gameplay review 2022

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is not the culmination of a project, it is the point and followed by what every good lover of this saga wants and expects. New characters and others already known, different and thousands of weapons to try, an adventure full of twists and good humor, the kind that only Gearbox Software knows how to infuse into its iconic project. I’m not going to make you wait any longer, Borderlands 3 is pure joy, pure drug for Borderlands fanboys. Undoubtedly what was expected by his fanatical followers, by any relic seeker and vault seeker?

Borderlands 3

As in previous installments, we will have to choose between four different search engines, each one with its own characteristics and skill tree. Some of us prefer melee, while others prefer ranged combat, some firearms and others magic. So our first choice is the one that marks our destiny in the game. From this moment, the story of Borderlands 3 opens before us in which we will visit several planets, scenarios and even a spaceship that will become our base of operations.


The story revolves between several characters following the main missions, although if we want to know one hundred percent of the plot, it is necessary to play the secondary missions. These will perhaps make us return to planets or regions that we have previously visited, but if Borderlands 3 has something, it is that, as in previous installments, it requires one more extra on each visit to kill the enemies, because they will have our level or a little more so that it is not easy for us to overcome the levels. This form of progress is already typical in the saga. Each of the missions, whether main or secondary, will have a difficulty level set and if we face it without the right one, it is clear that we will not be able to overcome it. For this we have no choice but to face other less demanding missions and kill, kill, kill and loot or loot.


Because it turns out that Borderlands 3 is the maximum exponent in the shooter genre of this technique of killing and inspecting what our enemy drops or searching in different places, be it ammunition, weapons or power-ups. Any player who has approached the saga already knows what I mean, and those who have not, I warn you that you will spend a lot of time comparing weapons, changing or visiting the vending machines where you can buy or sell items to continue progressing in the game. Because not only will it cost us money, but some of these weapons can only be used if our character has the required level for it and that can only be achieved by killing our enemies and completing missions.


If something can be blamed on Borderlands 3, it is that it starts off weak, I understand that it is also to situate the new players who come to the saga. But the first missions are bland and somewhat decaffeinated even because of the place where they take place. Obviously from here the game cannot do anything but raise the bar and that’s what happens, but at least one server would have liked that this beginning was not so bland and unrepresentative of the rest of the game.


From here we will get to know the characters that will accompany us, others that we have already met in previous installments, normal enemies, difficult enemies, super bastards, some fights with final bosses and the ruthless Calypso Siamese. If you thought you had seen bad bad guys, twice Troy and Tyreen are the living embodiment of evil, capable of anything to achieve their purpose. But whether in solo mode, in local cooperative split screen or in online cooperative we can kill them and their henchmen. At this point comment that we can play with other players with different levels and also cause damage thanks to the level synchronization system. In the same way, this system will cause the loot to be distributed to make us receive weapons of the same level.


Borderlands 3 continues to use the technique of cel shading or flat shading along with its 3D graphics, something that gives it its own personality and that, together with the characteristic humor of the saga, makes it possible to immediately recognize the video game factory when you see a screenshot or video. Of course, the graphics engine continues to suffer from the same weaknesses as in previous installments with long loads when exchanging levels or even the slow loading of textures when starting one of the phases of the game. Errors that I hope will be left behind with the new generation of consoles or with a new graphics engine by Gearbox Software.


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